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My name is Mikayla Randolph, and I write short stories and novels. I write primarily character-driven speculative fiction and have a keen interest in creating complicated, unique female characters and dynamics. My work has appeared in The Chamber Magazine, Watershed Review, and Coffin Bell.

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Completed Works.

When Darkness Arrives

Two women, a young nanny and a powerful CEO, hurtling towards an intense confrontation over the child they both love, are haunted by a malevolent entity. They’ll need to decide whether to cave to their festering animosities, or band together to save the child they love, and themselves.

Not Your Final Girl

Don’t Fear the Reaper meets The Guest List with a sprinkle of Promising Young Woman.
A slasher partial re-imagining of Tess of the D’urbervilles where a group of estranged high school frenemies reuniting at a luxury cabin in the woods are hunted by a masked killer.


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