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My First Acceptance - Yay!

Sunday night, we were out with some friends at a cool pinball bar. I'd excused myself to the ladies' room. When I returned, I come barrelling out - running straight into my husband's arms. "I got accepted!" I cheered. I may have even jumped up and down and clapped.

Lynn's Arcade where Pam Anderson was a witness to my exciting news!

Yes, that's right, I found out about my first literary acceptance in a bathroom at a bar. We all check our phones in there; I'm just admitting it.

To be fair, since I've started submitting my writing, I check my phone constantly for updates. Normally, it's blank. These things take time. Lots and lots of time. The last thing I expected was actually to have a response waiting. Especially not for a submission I'd sent in earlier that day. Less than three hours earlier. Three hours!

I'd settled myself into the submission habit. I set a standard and stuck to it.

Here's my Submission Process:

1. Search Duotrope for applicable listings.

-Check their submissions page directly for variances.

2. If something seems to be a match, read at least two stories.

3. Still a match? Submit!

-Have a template cover letter ready to go, personalize for each submission.

4. Log the submission in my Duotrope tracker.

5. Repeat until there are 10 out. Then wait.

-Continue waiting.

-Wait some more.

-Wait a little bit longer

6. Receive rejection.

7. Repeat steps 1-5.

And so on, and so on until that golden Acceptance arrives!

Now I finally have a few more steps to add.

8. Receive Acceptance



-Clap your hands and jump up and down in a public place with absolutely no thoughts to how foolish you must look.

9. Write back to the editor, saying thank you, and providing anything that they may need.

10. Withdraw your submissions to all other publications.

For those curious to know - Here are my stats on this story:

  • 15 Submissions total.

  • 4 Rejections

    • 3 Personal

    • 1 Form

  • 1 Acceptance - Yay!

  • 10 Withdrawn

Pretty happy with those results.

There you have it! The full process from start to finish with lots of repeating in the middle. I'll put a post up here when it's officially up.

This being my first fiction piece getting published, I'm very excited. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

What reading that email felt like :D


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