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Old, New, and 2022

Happy 2022 everyone!

Yes, that's correct; I haven't posted since last year. Taking time away for the holidays, for myself, and life's unexpected curveballs.

As part of this blog is intended to be confessional, I admit I was not excited for ringing in the new year. Despite 2021 having brought a most devastating blow, we received some news right before the year ended, which hinted our 2022 might be a heart-wrenching sequel.

It's not to say I haven't been writing—oh, I have! But not as much as before and perhaps without as much joy in it. My recent writing has taken a therapeutic dark turn. But that has also helped me emerge to a more evenly keeled place emotionally, and on that note, I'm declaring my 2022 goals here.

2022 Writing Goals

-Finish two thorough revisions for my manuscript, Winning In Dakota.

-Finish drafting my other novel, Under an Orange Sky

-Either get a literary agent or submit to at least another 25 agents for my novel The Darkness of Cliff House.

+ Whether I get an agent is a bit out of my hands, but continuing the process is not. That is why my goal is set up like that.

+If I don't receive an agent offer after 15 rejections, then I also resolve to adjust my query materials and submit for additional critique

-Write at least 5 New Short Stories

+I also am aiming for at least two more publications of these, but again, a bit out of my hands, but I think this is far easier than getting an agent when being smart about it.

-Physically read at least 25 books.

-Listen to at least one additional audiobook a month

-Hardest goal of all: Remind myself daily that what I'm doing is worthwhile, and I should be proud of these accomplishments, no matter what else happens.

There you have it! My 2022 Writing Goals. Much easier said than done, but aren't the best New Years Resolutions?

Feel free to share yours in return. Wishing you the best of luck on them all!


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