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Trappings of Cotton, Leather, and Vinyl

I am pleased to announce my short story "Trappings of Cotton, Leather, and Vinyl" has just been published in the Watershed Review.

To see this story find a home is significant to me because it is a story I drafted about ten years ago. It was inspired by a horrible first date and the unexpected kindness of the taxi driver who drove me home as I made my escape.

Yes, the date was that bad—I pretended to go to the bathroom and snuck out the back.

Between that and a short story contest featuring an image of a green couch, this story was born.

I never did submit the story anywhere. It's been sitting in my filing cabinet for the past years—and in the back of my mind. As the pandemic started, the story kept springing back into my thoughts until, at last, I had a new, clear vision of it. Now, here it is published.

To me, it is a beautiful reminder that some things just need a bit of time to grow.


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